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Best Good night messages, wishes, sms, quotes for whatsapp sharing

The sun has gone to sleep;
The stars rule the skies.
May the gentle breeze of the night whisper, sweet scripts to you and gently nudge your eyes to sleep.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams
whatsapp good night messages

Wen eyes struggle 2 remain open;
When mind shuts off completely;
It's a signal to renew ur energy;
By sleeping and dreaming.
Good Night!! N Sweet Dreams!
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Sun rested in d west.
Birds returned 2 d nest.
Roads r turning quiet.
Moon is glittering bright.
I wish u a sweet & wonderful night.
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Good night sweet dreams messages for whatsapp

The night is magical and pleasant,
At home or outside with the city lights.
The night is your day’s present,
A reward for your effort and fights.
So, spend it the way you like
And have a good night!
whatsapp good night wishes

A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like you. Making my everyday seems so great. Thank you my friend lastly. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.... whatsapp good night sms

“Bread, soup - these were my whole life. I was a body. Perhaps less than that even: a starved stomach. The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time.”
? Elie Wiesel, Night good night messages for whatsapp sharing

God's guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest...
doesn't show everything at once...
But Gives enough light for next step to be safe...
Gud n8. whatsapp good night messages

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Just a line...2 keep in touch...coz u r on my mind so very much...& even though, I've nothing 2 say...I’ll know...I thought of u 2day...Good night! best good night sms for whatsapp

My day has been hectic, it’s been non stop and I never got to see you. It was hard but  the thought of falling asleep without saying goodnight to you was unbearable. Goodnight, sleep tight, I can’t wait until the next time I see you. good night messages for whatsapp sharing

You know, when you really connect with the instrument and everything just comes out on an emotional level very naturally through your playing. That's, you know, a great night. And I think the reason I love touring so much is you're chasing that high around all the time, trying to have another good night. good night quotes and sayings