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Halloween is a holiday that comes to stay, there’s no doubt. This typical holiday in the United States is also celebrated in Spain, Europe and the rest of America is becoming more common for children of all ages who cannot resist the emotions that bring the night of terror!

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Although Halloween began as a holiday for individuals who practiced the occult, it has since turned into something completely different. Halloween has really become all about the kids. It is about the fun of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a night. It is about children gorging themselves on way too much candy. Unfortunately, there is also a sinister aspect to the holiday that has to do with children believing that they are entitled to received candy and vandalizing property when they don't get what they want.
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Origin of Halloween

The term Halloween comes from the English expression 'All Hallows Eve' which means 'the eve of All Saints'. His appearance was in there more than 2500 years in the Celtic and Gallic culture in the name of the feast of Samhain. Gaelic, Samhain means 'November', so the end of summer and the harvest and the arrival of the dark period. Hence also the official colors of the party, black for darkness and orange for the harvest. In Ireland, Great Bretage and north-west of Gaul, the year ended at the end of October during a full moon. The great festival of Samhain was then held to mark the moment. Its celebration allowed to welcome the new year in which a gap opened between the living and the dead. This festival was designed to create a bridge between these two worlds. To appease the spirits and show the prosperity of the house, the inhabitants left the food at the entrance. Hence perhaps the giving of food today. They costumaient in scary characters not to be recognized by them. Over the centuries, the children began to dress up as ghosts to mimic the minds and went from door to door asking for candy, replacing in this way, the initial character of the port of costume which served rather to frighten them.

Halloween party and celebrations

People wishing to participate in this halloween celebration offers candies to children  and decorate the outside of their house. There is no limit to the originality of the sets and created atmospheres. They install decorations of any kind to attract and frighten children. Some even dare to disguise and hide in the scene to scare the children who come knocking on their doors. False cemeteries, cobwebs, skeletons, witches, vampires and ghosts are installed on the floor and on the house. Without forgetting the famous lighted pumpkins and orange lights. Some even install artificial smoke producers and put background music to create an even more frightening environment.

While males are more conservative and want a more superhero costume type of thing, women would always love it to be outlandish and decorated usually going to the most frightening witch than the superwoman costumes. This alone suggests that many women are creative than men although some men leave their inhibitions behind just so they could satisfy their kids’ wanting to have a more lively Halloween celebration.

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Halloween is one of the favourite holidays among Americans. Cities across the US are filled with Halloween events that delight both young and adults. If you like dressing up for parties then this holiday is the perfect time for that. In fact, one of the most important parts of the Halloween events preparation is the creation of costume. Who never wants the spookiest costumes that will stand from the rest?

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