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Heat and Mass transfer book by R.K.Rajput pdf is an excellent source of information for all the students who are doing their Engineering courses and also for competitive examinations like AMIE and GATE etc.

In this book, the author has explained every single topic in detail and simple language, so that the students can easily understand the topics. Also numerous example problems related to the topics were provided by Rajput to help the students prepare for competitive exams.

Author started the book with the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer and then explained in detail the various modes of heat transfer like Heat Transfer by Conduction, Heat Transfer By Radiation, Heat Transfer By Convection and Mass Transfer

Heat and mass transfer by R.K Rajput covers the syllabus requirements of many universities, especially for Mechanical engineering students.

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rk rajput heat and mass transfer  pdf
Heat and Mass Transfer by R.K.Rajput

Topics covered in Heat and Mass transfer pdf by RK.Rajput:

PART-I: Heat Transfer by Conduction

Conduction - Steady - State One Dimension
General Heat Conduction Equation in Spherical Coordinates
Heat Conduction Through Plane and Composite Walls
Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Cylinders
Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Spheres
Critical Thickness of Insulation
Conduction - Steady-state Two Dimensions And Three Dimensions

PART-II: Heat Transfer By Convection

Introduction To Hydrodynamics
Dimensional Analysis
Characteristic Length or Equivalent Diameter
Forced Convection A. Laminar Flow
Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate
Laminar Tube Flow
Turbulent Tube Flow
Empirical Correlations
Free Convection
Simplified Free Convection Relations for Air
Combined Free and Forced Convection
Boiling and Condensation

PART-III: Heat Transfer By Radiation

Thermal Radiation - Basic Relations
Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces

PART-IV: Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer

PART-V: Objective Type Question Bank

About the Author:
R.K.Rajput is a well known Indian Author. Apart Heat and mass transfer book, he has written many Engineering Textbooks which are very useful to the students. Some of the books written by him include Strength of materials: Mechanics of solids, Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments, Thermal Engineering by rk rajput, A textbook of Automobile Engineering etc.

Download heat and mass transfer by rk rajput pdf

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