Download Whatsapp for Nokia Lumia mobiles and Android Mobiles

Nokia is one of the leading brand which we hear when we look for mobile phones . It provides the customers with a wide variety of phones, right from budget mobiles to high end smart phones. Nokia is one of the top player in Android and Windows phone market.

Apart from calling, the main feature which users look into is messaging. And in that category whatsapp has dominated its competitors providing the ultimate user friendly interface and excellent options.

Below we are sharing the procedure about how to download and install WhatsApp on a Nokia Lumia windows  and Android mobiles. Using the detailed process, you can download and install whatsapp for Nokia windows phones like Lumia 520, Lumia 620, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 etc and also the top Android Nokia mobiles

How to Download and install Whatsapp on Nokia Lumia mobiles with step by step procedure.

whatsapp for nokia lumia  mobiles520

Step 1. Since the phones can directly access the Windows Phone app store , perform a search for "WhatsApp"  in the search bar top right side of the page. Or else use this link windows phone App store

Step 2. From the list of results, click on the appropriate official option WhatsApp icon

Step 3. Then Click the "Install" button and then simply follow the on-screen instructions to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia Lumia mobiles.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia Lumia phones

After installation, the steps to configure WhatsApp in Nokia Lumia series phones are:

Step 1. Zoom WhatsApp icon and then accept the terms and conditions displayed.

Step 2. Enter the code of the country where you reside, and the phone number.

Step 3. The service will then send a registration code to your number and when it arrives simply  enter in the corresponding field.

Step 4. Once the registration is complete, Whatsapp is fully functional and users can start using the application immediately.

Chat with your friends with WhatsApp , the instant messaging application. With WhatsApp you can send and receive text and voice messages, pictures, audio or video easily through 3G or Wi-Fi network, saving on your phone bill.

WhatsApp download has a size of only 16 MB and is currently compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 to 8.1.

Step by step procedure to download whatsapp for Nokia ANDROID mobiles

1. Visit the official google playstore site with this link
2. In the search box type "whatsapp"
3. You will find app related to whatsapp
4. From the list choose carefully Whatsapp messenger and click on install
5.Thats it
 now Whatsapp will be downloaded and installed on to your android mobile
6.Now before using whatsapp, you have to configure it by verifying your mobile number as stated above in case of windows mobiles.

Features of WhatsApp messenger

  • Send as many messages as you want daily with no hidden costs using whatsapp
  • No additional international costs, chat with people around the world .
  • Swap multimedia content with your contacts : audio, video, locations, contacts ...
  • Function Push to Talk for sending voice messages.
  • Create and manage chats group of 50 participants .
  • Includes emoticons .
  • Customize the app and your public profile , which they see all your contacts, with a photo, text 
  • Immediate communication unimpeded
  • Once installed WhatsApp recognizes contacts in your address book who also have the application and automatically synchronized . No need to do anything else: notifications "Push" Desktop notify you when you receive messages.
WhatsApp is always connected and operational and most importantly, use your same phone number . No need to remember other numbers or passwords each time you want to use.

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Video showing how to dowload and install whatsapp latest version for windows phones

Some of the most popular nokia phone models:

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download whatsapp for nokia lumia 620
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download whatsapp for Nokia X Plus

we hope our tutorial hleps you in downloading whatsapp for Nokia Lumia mobiles and Nokia Android mobiles. If you have any queries, please reach us through comments